Tarmo Tulit

Tarmo is a self-confessed detailed focused nut who’s emails could be turned into novels, but don’t let that put you off. His brilliance for his craft makes him stand out from the crowd. He is a lover of all things visual and creative, known to venture to foreign lands in search of inspiration and experiences. His main focus in portraiture and commercial photography. He specialises in creative photography in the area of conceptual editorial and advertorial, but also in beauty, fashion and artistic nude. Characteristics of his style lie within the lighting, working with and bringing out the interesting element in his subjects’ character while using colour, texture and tone as the means of visual expression.

Estonian born yet living in Ireland half of his life, he has adapted the Estonian way of timekeeping and schedules with the laid back of his Irish half (Let’s face it, his ours now). Always one to push boundaries and constrained thinking, Tarmo has a great driving force of ambition and creativity that makes him brilliant to work with.

Tarmo simply put loves people, he strives to build a team of creative minds all collaborating together to pursue interesting projects. So, if you have an interesting project be it commercial, artistic, not for profit or just sheer entertainment, pop by and say hello!