Michelle Costello

Michelle Costello is mom to Tyler James Tulit, and his fur sisters Bella & Beár. A lover of travel, people and new experiences. She has been known for her ability to make up dodgy rap nursery rhythms based on 90’s rap songs and in her former life knock back bubbly like it was going out of fashion, always one of the last to leave a party when having a good time, Michelle applies this to her work as well, driving the project until the very end, all while having a good time doing it!

With a background in the media industry spanning sales, public relations, advertising, project management, event co-ordination and marketing, Michelle started out with the intent of filling a gap in the market in her hometown, and wanted to create a platform for creative communities.

Before Tulit, Michelle delved into many other areas in her professional career, firstly in public relations and marketing and then into working in print media, newspapers then e-publishing which gave her the first taste of having her own publications, Fusion Magazine and The Limerick Magazine. “I loved doing it; the writing, interviews, editing, being on set with photoshoots, the planning and getting to be creative, building something from scratch. It made me hungry for more.” After winning numerous awards for business and service to her industry, Michelle created Tulit with her partner in life and in crime Tarmo Tulit after their son Tyler James Tulit was born. Tulit allows me to take all of my passions and direct them into one philosophy; your life is how you choose to live it, and I choose to have my family and business combine as a unit and work with creative, innovative and interesting people and companies.